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Our mission is to create "The Happiest Community on Earth", a digital place of effortless belonging where people can safely share what makes them happy and discover what makes others happy. Essentially we are a: Social Digital Gratitude Journal :) We ask people to be mindful of the simple things in life that bring us happiness and believe that taking note of what makes you smile for 30 days can change the way you look at the world. Please share something Step 1 - Take note of something that made you smile. Step 2 - Take a picture of yourself with the note in front of your smile. Step 3 – Share it with us and the world :) NOTE: Look for the submit button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen or email it to us at: Creative Commons License
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Page 2 of the Smiles in Schools information sheet that lets teachers know how they can easily integrate the Smile Epidemic into their classrooms :)

Send us an email at and we’ll shoot you a copy of the PDF version

You can vote everyday for 15 days so please do and share this link on facebook, Twitter and via email to your friends and families. We;ve had a ton of support from teachers and educational admins who really feel this would be a powerful and important tool in the classroom and this grant could really get the ball rolling. Thanks in advance for your support.

Jim Moss

Founder and Chief Happiness Officer

Please vote for us to receive a 150K Grant from Aviva Canada 

Wyatt says that “Learning to Spell” makes him spell :) It makes us pretty proud too

Notes like this one sent home from the teacher makes @thekarltopia smile!

What made you smile today?

I love working summer school and watching the kids learn new things makes me smile!

This made me smile!  As a ‘bonus’ mom to an almost 12-year old daughter, I’m passionate about teaching her to just be herself -  authentically, uniquely her.  I was proud to see that her creativity and being herself is what makes her smile! 

Happiness in the Workplace (it can exist honest…)

Happiness at work: This is an important aspect of our project that pertains to your finding happiness in your work environment. Think of how much time you spend working?  You deserve to have happiness at work!

Take a look around your work space and identify at least three things that make you happy. These reminders need to be easy for you to see from your seat at your desk or workspace. Ideally you’ll have 5 items. Pictures of kids and family, or of a trip or pet; a totem of some sort, a keepsake, an inspiring quote, a printed copy of the smile epidemic pic you are about to take…

The point is that work does not always bring us “easy” happiness, so sometimes you have to insert happiness into your work. Focus on those items quickly right now. Pick them up, hold them, and look at them closely. Move them to a prime location on your desk because they deserve it!  If you don’t have any, quickly get one; print off a picture from Facebook if you have to. Give those items one whole minute of your time. While you think about why they make you happy, use your hands and feet to connect with your work space and find ways to connect that happiness to your desk, chair, laptop etc. Remember the smells or sounds or feelings that are attached to that memory. Take a deep breath in and be present with the reason that your reminders bring you happiness and then tell yourself, “This item will remind me to smile whenever I see it or whenever I have allowed something about work to momentarily hold me back from smiling. I deserve it”.

Frustrations happen and the suggestion is not to gloss over the difficulties. The suggestion is to limit the power that stressful situations have over you; only allow them what they actually deserve, nothing more, no added drama or unneeded negative emotions. Right now you are programming your brain to see your happiness totems and to be reminded of the most important things in your life and of your resilience and power. These reminders will help you to regain perspective, take control of your emotions, and easily return to happy thoughts and feelings so you get back on track in a more positive mindset. 

Have a wonderful day and send us a pic of what you have in your workspace as a reminder.

On of our local firefighters, Chris Evans from the Waterloo, Ontario Fire Department says “Teaching the kids about the firetruck” makes him smile. He happened to be at the school the same day we were talking about smiles and he loved it ;) What makes you smile?

We held a garage sale this weekend and it got rained out on Saturday so we plugged away and held a second day trying our hardest to raise some money for the Waterloo Regional Down Syndrome Society. It was hard and long but rewarding and we raised some good money. We smiled many times and I am proud of us and the lessons we taught to our children this weekend. Doing good things for other people makes me smile! What makes you smile?

Our little friend Serena says… “Mr. Jim, my cat, mom, dad, and Alanna (sister) make me smile”. Serena was one of our first students that we met at Abraham Erb Elementary School and she plays in our neighbourhood with a huge smile all day everyday;) 

What makes you smile?

Today we taught a kindergarten class about what makes us smile and why it is important to be grateful for having those things in our life.

Each of the kids created a “smile on a stick” and made a drawing of something that makes them smile. Some of the examples were; Moms and Dads, Sisters, Grandmas and Grandpas, their dogs (even in doggy heaven), peanut butter sandwiches, sharks, and their friends. What was most important is that, even at age 5, they seem to understand and think first about the most important things in life. 

Thanks to Mrs. Harris and the kids from Abraham Erb PS in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada for being the first class to host The Smile Epidemic!

What made you smile today?

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