The Smile Epidemic

Our mission is to create "The Happiest Community on Earth", a digital place of effortless belonging where people can safely share what makes them happy and discover what makes others happy. Essentially we are a: Social Digital Gratitude Journal :) We ask people to be mindful of the simple things in life that bring us happiness and believe that taking note of what makes you smile for 30 days can change the way you look at the world. Please share something Step 1 - Take note of something that made you smile. Step 2 - Take a picture of yourself with the note in front of your smile. Step 3 – Share it with us and the world :) NOTE: Look for the submit button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen or email it to us at: Creative Commons License
The Smile Epidemic by James Moss is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. #Smiles #Happiness #Gratitude #Smiling


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Getting our new scooter license makes us smile!

There is a special smile reserved for when you are really proud of friends or family;)

In 24hrs Jenny and I will be hanging out with Oprah, Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins at Oprah’s Lifeclass the Tour

A trip to the “tickle trunk” and a good old fashioned game of dress up…. Smiles every time

(via kendall-ross)

Smiling Epidemic Poem - Anonymous

Smiling is infectious,
You catch it like the flu. 
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.

I passed around the corner,
and someone saw my grin.
When they smiled I realized,
I’d passed it on to them.

I thought about that smile,
then I realized its worth.
A single smile just like mine,
could travel round the earth.

So, if you feel a smile begin,
don’t leave it undetected. 
Let’s start an epidemic quick,
and get the world infected!

Finding out that the jellybean is pink (AKA they’re having a girl) will be making Melissa and Allen smile for years to come!

This face makes me smile every time :)

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