The Smile Epidemic

Our mission is to create "The Happiest Community on Earth", a digital place of effortless belonging where people can safely share what makes them happy and discover what makes others happy. Essentially we are a: Social Digital Gratitude Journal :) We ask people to be mindful of the simple things in life that bring us happiness and believe that taking note of what makes you smile for 30 days can change the way you look at the world. Please share something Step 1 - Take note of something that made you smile. Step 2 - Take a picture of yourself with the note in front of your smile. Step 3 – Share it with us and the world :) NOTE: Look for the submit button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen or email it to us at: Creative Commons License
The Smile Epidemic by James Moss is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. #Smiles #Happiness #Gratitude #Smiling


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Our advice for 2013 :) It’s all about Gratitude folks…

 You haven’t lost your smile, it’s right there under your nose. You just forgot it was there ;)

We found this one the Optimisit Smile Facebook page and we really love it

#30daysofhappiness Day 9 for Michelle.

Great photo - And yes Family and Friends are

a) of the most importance and

b) ideally make us smile all the time!

(This will make an incredible photo book when you’re done.)


Friends, Lend me your Smile and I’ll return it with interest.

Jim Moss

More #30days of happiness Challenge Updates!

MY awesome neighbour Dave made me smile this morning and here are some of the reasons why: Donated to my fundraising effort for Cervical Cancer, is an awesome husband, father and role model, makes the neighbourhood a happier place, always asks how he can help, I feel safer for my kids because he’s around, plans family trips to the beach, bastes a pig like a Mofo… Should I keep going?

Day 6 of #30daysofhappiness “Wyatt and his Loving Heart”… Wonderful

So Many People reached out in the past 24 hours with comments of support and offers to help out any way that they can. It makes me smile again now even just typing it out. Peace, Love and Smiles, Jim

The Whole Family agrees that bowling under the Blacklights made for a great day! We are grateful for family, health and the happiness that we share together :)

Day 2 of #30daysofhappiness: Alicia says that spending quality time with her dog makes her happy!

Day #3 for some folks, 4 and 5 for others. Here are a couple of Submissions to #30daysofhappiness

"Watching her kids dance" says Jennifer on her Day 2 of the #30daysofHappiness

The Work.Happy Crew is taking the 30 day Challenge as a team! Here are days 1 and 2…. Happy at Work is pretty awesome thing :)

I Love this - Yesterday when we were at the #PrayForLydia Event, Faith from was there doing free Sketches of all the people out supporting. This is the one she did of me, and I though to myself “If this is how the world see’s me I can be very proud of that!” Thanks Faith!

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